Grow your Software Providing  Business with the infixEDU Education Management System. We have different types of Quality products. We develop our products with the latest technology and you can use Infixedu Management System software as your product and sell it under white level brand. We provide you best support. That can make you a professional Software service provider in your geography and your network under your pricing and terms. We are open to receive any kind of required or personalized innovative ideas for better productivity.

About InfixEdu SAAS Program for Partner:

Evaluations show that there are in excess of 210 million schools on the planet and it grows day by day. A straightforward estimation uncovers this compares to a normal of one school in each square kilometer of worldwide. This is the size of the market that has a genuine requirement for Infix School Management Software. It speaks to an incredible open door for Infix accomplices to grow business frequently.

Infix is completely dedicated to supporting its accomplices who wish to provide Education ERP software with SAAS feature. We know about the interest that is out there for a world class school ERP arrangement. At present, the market is overwhelmed by low quality featured management system or there is a quality product but out of price limit for a small foundation or organization. 

The infix SAAS is flawlessly situated as far as appropriateness, affordable price with the best quality, evaluating and after deals support.  You can choose our Product as a service for any educational organization program that is best adjusted to fulfill your requirements and targets.

Infix Partner ( SAAS ) Feature:

1. Institution Management system
2. Customized Education Management system
3. Institution Management Software 
4. White Level Branding with your own company’s name. 
5. Build By Customer acquisition. 

Why InfixEdu

In the present Digital World, each school/Institution needs analytics and generated an Optimized data-based arrangements system that effective.  They need adaptable and effective programming that expands the foundation’s efficiency and can transform data into information.   And in this part, we guarantee a world-class Education Management System for each foundation.

Benefit From Us 

We have A group of Developer for better product quality. And we adhere to make our system stable from any other provider. So our provided script under your brand will be valued. Provide Quality Product raise your acceptance from audience site. Then you can generate much more. It will be fair exchange and both side benefited. 

Simple steps to start

We Provide you all thing for your next steps. You just use your Marketing strategy and we provide our best technical and soft based support in very short time. You just manage and convince your Clients to give them well managed School management software.  By our partner program  we sure that it will be stable plans for your next action.